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Are you feeling at all weighted down or draggy in your business? If so, today’s post is for you.

I’d been noticing a sense of friction and resistance creeping into my business over the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been busier than ever, but the resistance wasn’t about that. I began to notice that everything was taking much longer to complete and all my business processes felt a bit fragmented and scattered.

Now, in talking it over with people in my life, I got suggestions for everything from “take a vacation” (which actually was the best of all the suggestions, by the way!) to “stop doing so many things” (my least favorite of all the suggestions!) and many ideas in between.

What I realized, though, is that the reason for the drag was that I had been thinking too much and acting too little. I had gotten stuck in a cycle of analysis paralysis- where I kept thinking of the best way to do something, rather than actually doing it.

Now, of course, having a plan and thinking it through are very important strategies. Sometimes, though, enough thinking can become too much thinking- and this is dangerous for any business owner.

I decided that, for this one particular project, I’d just stay focused on what I wanted to create, and take the next action I could think of. I did that. Then I took the next action I thought of. And the next. And so on. These small action steps helped me move from analysis to action, and I expect my new project to be completed within a couple of weeks, after several months of thinking about it.

This is a very useful strategy for any task you need to complete. If you have been thinking a lot, but doing too little in your business, apply this next action strategy to get you moving again. Your energy will rise from taking action, and the resistance and friction will begin to subside.

Remember, energy follows action. What’s the next action you should take?