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Email marketing segmentation is the process of dividing your email marketing audience into different “segments” or “groups”. You can think of this as dividing them into different lists, if that’s easier. Each group will get different messaging depending on which segment they are in.

While this is extra work for you, the marketer, it’s beneficial because it’s easier to compose a targeted message to each segment, especially if they differ significantly from each other, than it is to create one message that will speak to all of them. Appropriate segmentation can boost conversions.

Here are other benefits of email marketing segmentation:

* Better Personalization – When you segment your list, you will be able to focus better on each message to get the right personalization. You might want to personalize the message based on the product they bought (including their first name), for example. You can do that if you have properly segmented your list.

* Improved Effectiveness on Messaging – When you send messages to people on your list, you want them to get that message and say, “Wow, they read my mind!” This can happen when you have access to information about your list members, due to using all the technology your autoresponder allows in terms of segmenting on behavior and via tagging.

* Well-Organized Lists – When you segment well, your email list (or lists) will be more organized. You can at any time locate the people on your list who are most likely to open your email messages and answer your calls to action. That means you can literally send certain messages only to this select group.

* Save Money – The reason you’ll save money is that you won’t be sending messages out that get no response due to a poorly crafted message. You’ll be able to identify people on your list who may never respond. You can then choose to send more aggressive messages, or you can even delete them from your list.

* Make Every Message Count – Every message you send to your list is important. With segmentation, you can focus each message you create on just one portion of your list. That’s the best way to do it because you can design a message that is only for people who bought widget A and C, which will be very direct and resonate with them.

* Get Progressively More Information – With the technology, you can use segmentation even after people are on your list. For example, you can offer freebies and other information that requires them to click through and sign up for it. This will add more information to that customer’s data, perhaps trigger segmentation based on how you’ve set up your system, and help you get more info.

* Use Inbox Engagement – One mistake people make with email marketing is to use “no-reply” addresses. This is missing a huge opportunity. Email is two-way communication, so open your email for responses and ask them to respond. You’re going to get a lot of information this way that you can use to further segment your audience.

* Promote to Existing Customers – Don’t forget that it costs a lot more to get a new customer than it costs to nurture a current customer. When someone has purchased something, they should be segmented to a new list based on that purchase. Then use that information to market other things you’ve created or affiliate products that fit in with their needs.

Your email list will be more effective and well-organized, and it will save money in the long term — additional good reasons to invest in email marketing segmentation.

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