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Aside from being really interested in human psychology, influence, and creating online reach, I’m also interested in technology and how various technology tools can make our daily work lives easier.

I found a tool today which does just that- and it’s a free add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The add-on is called Download Them All, and it enables you to easily grab all the download links from a page, and then enables you to download them up to 400% faster. You can also pause and resume downloads as you wish.

It’s a true time-saver when you need to download a bunch of videos or audios from a page (such as when you’re doing research, or when you just bought a multimedia information product.)

It’s open source and free-ware, and lets you customize many settings, so you can control the number of download threads, customize the folder to which your downloads go, and much more.

It’s really made a difference in my business, and I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, it’s a must-have addition to your add-on options.

Click this link to get DownloadThemAll

Install as you would any other add-on.