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When you’re out there in the world, showing up to market your services, you are liable to experience a mix of feelings on any given day. Some days (the good ones!) you’ll feel confident, enthusiastic, joyful. On the other days (the not so good ones!) you’ll feel overwhelmed, stressed, and questioning if your marketing efforts are doing any good. The question isn’t "Will you have these kinds of days?"- you probably will. The better question is, "What will you do when you have these kinds of days?" This has been on my mind lately as I’ve been feeling a bit of a slump around my marketing efforts. Normally super driven and really ambitious, I’m finding myself kind of slowing down. It might be because my life has just gotten even busier (planning my Spring 2006 wedding) or it might be the change of seasons. Whatever it is, I just don’t feel like marketing… and all my new initiatives are kind of hanging around, wondering when they’ll get launched. Now, for the most part, we should always try to have a marketing plan.. this keeps us on track and moving ahead. What about though, when your feelings and your plan aren’t lining up? I think, then, you have to go with your feelings. You need to honor that, for whatever reason, you’re not ready to move ahead right now. (This might be difficult to do, but it’s necessary!). When your feelings and your actions are moving in same direction, your marketing plan will always be more effective. Until then, it might just be wasted action.