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During a session yesterday, one of my clients mentioned that he was planning for 2005, and that he wanted to set up his working schedule differently for next year. When asked, he mentioned that he’d like to enjoy himself more often, and find a way to keep his business going strong, while overall having more time off. When we explored his decision making process around growing his business, we found that what truly motivated him wasn’t clearly aligned with some of the choices he was making. As a result, in some areas, his business success was coming at too high of a cost, both financially and emotionally. As we moved through our session, we began to identify his strongest motivators and looked at ways he could use these to inform his business decisions. As a result, he has a new three question framework he will use to determine in what areas his business should grow, and in what areas he should let go. You can apply this to your own business as well. As you look to 2005, get clear on your greatest motivators, and set up a structure which allows you to spend more time in areas that make you happy and less in those that don’t.