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Grit. Grit. Grit.

I’ve been having a certain amount of grit over the past couple of weeks, mostly in the area of online product/service launches.

have-the-grit-to-go-the-distanceNot my own, as I’m pretty clear on those, but, rather, those of my consulting clients.

One part of my business focuses on providing strategic high level marketing and launch planning for businesses in the $300k-$600k range. Most of my work focuses on helping these businesses accelerate their cash flow generation, and do it more simply and easily.

I’m often asked to help, too, when planned launches go awry.

I work deeply with these clients, helping them package their offer, position it appropriately, and then launch it to their communities.

And, luckily, so far, I’ve had very good success-  a strong track record of helping my clients make more money with less effort.

Ok, so, actually, none of that is the grit.

Where the grit shows up is when I have carefully, thoughtfully, and deliberately crafted a launch strategy and my client suddenly decides they are “too busy” to complete each step in the launch process.

Ok, so, sometimes, this is fear- but more of the time, it’s because the business owner is losing focus or “grit” in terms of sticking to the launch plan all the way to the end.

I get it- us entrepreneurs like bright, shiny objects, and we are usually excellent at starting strong- but poorer at finishing strong.

And yet, the bulk of the money in any launch is made in the final week of the promotion, and that, even is sometimes trumped by the amount made in follow up after the promotion officially ends.

So when there are thousands and thousands of dollars just waiting to be sowed, how can you not have the time to reap?

When cash flow is crucial, whether to meet your monthly expenses, or to help fund reserve or growth planning- how can you be “too busy” to complete the launch fully and gain all the benefit you can gain?

This doesn’t just happen with this level client, too- most of my clients would benefit from more grit and more perseverance when it comes to reaching their income targets.

If you have decided to earn a certain amount of money, doesn’t it just make sense to do all you can to reach your goal?

When you have taken a launch 85% of the way, doesn’t it make sense to complete the remaining 15%, especially when you can often make 40-60% MORE just by finishing strong?

It’s almost always better to focus more deeply on fewer income streams than to scatter your energies on more income streams.

And, no matter what the income stream, when you decide to reach an income target, have the grit to go the distance.

Finish strong in order to be most profitable.