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If you are one of those small business owners who puts some kind of advertising on your car, then do yourself & your business a favor- don’t drive like an idiot. Advertising on your vehicle can be an excellent, low cost method for "getting the word out" about your business. The only problem, is, though, that if you drive poorly, curse other drivers, or generally act like a jerk- you’re tarnishing your business by decreasing your professional image. This came up this morning on my way to work, when a small business owner (with a prominently displayed ad), began driving erratically and cutting other drivers off. Why was this? Because she was putting on her makeup while driving around the DC beltway. Now, in fact, this struck me because I was interested in her products-and had made a mental note to check out her website. However, once she started driving like an idiot, I knew I didn’t want to do any kind of business with her. This also applies for you if you have employees drive your company cars. Advertise on your vehicles- by all means- just don’t ruin the positive impact of your marketing message by being an idiot on the road.