Be Liked, and Rich.

You know one of the things that really gets on my nerves? It’s when people focus on popularity at the expense of profitability.

You see this happen all the time, where people cite the size of their fan base or number of followers as some measure of their success in business.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how many fans, followers, or friends you have IF NONE OF THEM EVER BUY FROM YOU.

This is a difference between a fan- and a true fan.

A fan is someone who has heard of you, follows you or friends you. But they have no burning desire to buy from you. Sure, they may purchase something- someday- but you can’t rely on someday when you have to meet your expenses right now.

A true fan is a person who follows you AND buys from you.

Now, economists say that you can’t really go back- once you’ve taken money from someone, they aren’t really your ‘friend’ in the same way. And this probably true. But what you’re really wanting to create, with all your marketing and social media use, is fans who buy. If you have a social network in the thousands, there is no way that you are intimately connected to every one of them.

In fact, a construct, Dunbar’s number, suggests that we can only cultivate about 150 stable social relationships at any one time.

So what that means is a large percentage of your online community is doing nothing for you, or your business.

My goal is to help you change that.

What if you could attract targeted traffic and true fans to your business?

Knowing how to do this would mean that you could build a marketing plan that got better results.

You’d fill your programs more easily.

You’d be able to attract potential clients on a more consistent basis.

All while building your influence, fame, and expert status!

Using a sophisticated content strategy plus specialized technology and multichannel traffic generation, along with measurements and tracking- we can turn your ho-hum business into one that is supercharged.

The Profitable Popularity program grew out of my work with some of the top consultants, authors, trainers, speakers and coaches in the world- people who have amassed communities of thousands- and needed ways to monetize their communities more effectively.

It seems strange, doesn’t it, that people would focus on popularity over profitability- but this is exactly what happens all too often- and not just for my high profile clients. It feels good to be adored and complimented and sought out by others- it’s a basic human need we have. However, the danger comes when you spend more time on the social popularity side of your business than you do on the business profitability side. Business-owners often wait too long to become profitable, and by then, it’s usually too late.

So the question is how do you build your fan-base, and make money- at the same time?

There are several pieces of the puzzle, but one of the first is the concept of creating and activating true fans.

The concept of “true fan” was first coined by Kevin Kelly (, who wrote that artists could make $100,000 per year if they created 1000 true fans, each of whom spent $100 per year or more.

So the goal is not just to create a fan, or a follower, or a friend- but to create a true fan- a person who likes and admires you AND who will spend money with you.

The first piece of the puzzle is in recognizing that you need to develop true fans.

The second piece of the puzzle is giving good value in the form of content that sells. I demand that all of my clients create valuable and useful content in order for me to work with them. Content- in multiple formats- is the pathway that converts a visitor to a true fan.

So the goal is not to create content for content’s sake- but, instead, to focus on creating content that sells.

The third piece of the puzzle is tracking and measurement. This is where most businesses fail. You must track and measure all the important factors of your business so you can reliably turn fans into true fans. Without measurements, it’s all conjecture.

So, if you want to implement the psychological principles of building your fan-base, to implement the secrets of content that sells, and to build from your metrics and tracking what works- so you can do more of it- you’re a good possible client for this program.

I only work with entrepreneurs who I know I can help.

If you want to get more people to your website, fill your programs more easily, generate more subscribers and more sales– in other words, if you want to accelerate your online business’ success– I invite you to complete a discovery session application.

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To Your Profitable Popularity!


” Popularity is Good. Profitability is Better.
Profitable Popularity is the Ultimate Goal.
– Dr. Rachna Jain