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How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I’m sure it’s been a productive week for everyone, especially retailers and marketers — it’s the busiest sale season of the year. Anyway, my Facebook page has been just as busy, so here’s a recap of last week’s posts:

1. No matter what industry you’re in, change is constant and we have to be willing to adapt. You won’t do yourself any favors resisting new technology and innovations, you’ll just fall behind.











2. Maitri agreed that you’ve got the seeds of inspiration within you, just waiting to be discovered and brought to life.







3. Some customers are bound to resist changes. It’s your job to help them embrace and adapt.

4. Mohamed, Kirsten and Maitri all understand the value of actively listening to your clients.











5. Make it easier for your clients to find you with Search Engine Optimization.

6. Denise and Scott also believe people like to see that a brand is made up of live, breathing people, not just faceless biz-bots.









7. What is social media really for? Marketing on Twitter and Facebook do more than drive the bottom line.

8. Remember: There is ALWAYS a way.











9. MaryJane liked this article about this surprising segment of shoppers using mobile devices.

10. You’re there for them, remember?











That’s a wrap. Let’s all enjoy this last month of the year — can you believe it’s here already?