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I’m counting the days until I throw away my 2013 calendar and bring out a new one. Is everyone as excited as I am? If you’ve seen and read the latest news about digital marketing trends, you’ll understand why. It’s going to be another big year for everyone. But while we can hardly wait to start anew, here’s a summary of the best social posts of last week:

1. Never ever compromise the quality of your content. Substance matters, in addition to relevance.











2. The rule is simple: you need to practice what you preach. People will follow what you do, not just what you say.







3. It’s all about your mindset. Keep feeding yourself with positive thoughts and it will work wonders for you.












4. Sometimes, a simple problem looks complicated. So step back, breathe, and look at it from a different, fresh perspective.











5. Don’t be put off by the negativity. Your customers are merely telling you what needs to be solved.











6. Ladie gave a thumbs-up as to the importance of changing strategies at a moment’s notice. In social media, there are things you won’t see coming so always be ready and take charge.










7. Denise was also impressed at how mobile has changed the way people market their business.











8. Plenty of brands have suffered the ill-effects of misspelled words or even saying the wrong things. It can hurt your sales so always think before you tweet.










9. Every decision you make can make or break your business. I can help you make the most crucial choices that’s best for you.











10. Scott and Onx liked that each of us has been given the chance to make our mark.











That ends our roundup. Until next year! 😉