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With seasonal sales sprouting left and right, it’s little wonder that more and more consumers are expecting great deals. Is your business stepping up to the plate? Take advantage of the increase in demand and make sure you’ve got plenty of inventory on-hand. Here’s a little inspiration from my Facebook fanpage last week:

1. Kirsten liked that Thomas Edison wasn’t easily discouraged by what appeared to be elusive success.







2. You can’t sell something you wouldn’t buy yourself. That’s why it’s important to understand why your customers need your products.








3. Almetra agreed that mistakes should be learning experiences — these are lessons learned the hard way.











4. Social media helped boost this small business’ ROI.

5. Find the platform where you can reach your customers best.











6. Andrea and Denise also believe that  the power of your thoughts can make or break your goals.











7. Real-time conversations help you understand your audience better.

8. Make sure it’s something that entices other customers.











That sums it up for this time. I’ll see you next week for another roundup.