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What’s new this month? More and more shoppers are out and about to grab great deals and bargains. Many of these customers actually found out about great holiday discounts through social media. So, with the busiest buying season of the year in full swing, we should all be taking full advantage of the power of the internet to boost our sales.

Here’s a summary of last week’s posts from my Facebook fan page:

1. Scott, Sharon and Poetry loved these inspiring words of wisdom from Seth Godin.











2. Who better to let you know when you’re doing it right?












3. Ladie, Mark, Denise and Scott are ready to take risks and TRY.











4. More people are accessing sites via mobile devices — have you developed a mobile-specific strategy yet?

5. It’s nice to dazzle your customers, but it’s better to understand them.











6. People will buy from you because they want to, not because you told them to. HotSpot Promotion also agreed with this.









7. Facebook may still dominate the social media sphere, but more apps for real-time sharing are also making waves. As marketers, we can see these as new opportunities.

That’s about it for our roundup. Enjoy the week ahead!