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Delight occupies a space all it’s own. It fills the space and distance between you and your customer- and makes you both feel energized and connected.

It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace is by giving people more value than they expect. We can sometimes lose track of this when we’re moving fast and focused on the bottom line. However, marketing on the web is changing, and we must be ready to ride the new wave.

The “new wave”- to my way of thinking- is a huge focus on customer delight. Delight is bigger than happiness, it’s rounder than appreciation.

When was the last time you felt delighted as a customer or client?

For me, it was just last week, when my business coach suggested we get on the phone just to catch up. It wasn’t a strict coaching call, but, really, a space for us to reconnect and enjoy getting to know each other better. As it had been several weeks since our previous meeting, I deeply appreciated the opportunity to be back in touch.

At the essence of it, customer delight is really about a human to human connection.

In this world of increasing digital connection, but decreasing human intimacy, a human to human connection is increasingly rare, yet deeply desired.

So, how can you create customer delight?

Consider ways you can give more. So, for example, when someone asks you a question, give an even more thorough response than you normally would.

When someone hires you to work with them, give them a bigger, richer, and better experience than they could have hoped for.

Deliver what you promised- and maybe do it easier, faster, or better.

Give them more information, more support, and even more encouragement.

At the base of it all, we each want to feel seen, valued, and accepted.

When you can create this experience for everyone you connect with, no matter how briefly- you will be noted and remembered.

Focus on customer delight, and your reputation, community, and true fans will grow.

What can you do to be a delight creator?