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Building your self confidence as an entrepreneur requires both time and experience. Like me, for instance- I’ve seen a huge leap forward in my personal level of self confidence when I look back to year one, and compare it to now (start of year four). One technique which can give your self confidence a boost is to create your very own personal wall of fame. Pick one wall in your office- and it should be a private wall (i.e. one that can’t be readily seen or accessed). On this wall, begin to place information about your achievements- my wall contained publicity clippings, printouts of nice emails I received, copies of testimonials from satisfied clients, and other "nice stuff" that people would send me. Whenever I was about to take a big step in my business- or anytime I felt a bit low or discouraged- I would spend a few minutes reviewing my wall of fame. This always made me feel better because I was reminded of times where I had done well- which gave me solid footing for the next part of the climb. Your wall of fame can be any size and any shape. The value is in creating a space where you can celebrate your achievements and be reminded of your accomplishments. This can give you a confidence boost whenever you need it. All you need to get started is a blank wall, some removable adhesive tape, and maybe a handful of post-it notes!