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When you are taking part in the social media sphere, realize that content drives relevancy. The focus of the conversations you create, the manner in which you take part in them, and the stories you interweave into them all speak directly to your target audience- or they don’t.

The goal is to quickly find, connect, and engage with people you are best able to serve. This predicates a clear understanding of your ideal client, an understanding of the demographics and psychographics represented by each social media site, and an understanding of what topics of conversation are likely to engage further.

In its simplest form, content drives relevancy is all about creating meaningful conversations and participating in them meaningfully. It’s about making a person to person connection, and building up your circle of influence incrementally.

Social media is not a popularity contest, and it’s not about how many “friends” you can make in the shortest amount of time. Used properly, social media is about being a thought leader in your industry- about creating conversations people didn’t even know they needed- and then offering them tools and information that is relevant to them.

The best social marketers are the ones who are real people, and connect with their intended audience one person at a time.

The best way to connect is to offer relevant information, in a useful context, and share your expertise generously. You will never know what opportunities will come from the social net effect of one person telling two friends, and those two friends telling two friends, and so on.