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I just read an interesting article today on Dan Ariely’s blog about how confidence beats accuracy. Although we’d like to think that what we know really matters, what really convinces people is spin.

In other words, you can carry off almost any idea, if you have enough confidence.

I agree with this to a point, though I think all of us should back up our confidence with true results and true expertise. What I think is telling about this, at least for the world of social media marketing, is that we must be convincing if we want to build influence.

Too often, we soft-pedal what we know, or don’t state our case directly enough. Yet people are incredibly attracted to clarity and confidence. The goal for each of us is to share what we know as clearly and confidently and directly as possible- both online and offline.

As you build your social media presence, focus on how you can state your beliefs, opinions, and results confidently and clearly. In the crowded world of online promotion, the most confident and direct messages are the ones which are going to be heard.

Gain attention by using strong headlines, and convey your knowledge in the words you use.

Highlight strong examples which further build your case. Tell stories, because these are one thing people are always interested in and pay attention to.

If you want your investment in social media to truly pay off, you need to be confident, bold, and clear.