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If you, like me, have "to-do’s" which are getting done, it’s time to take action. No, not make another list 🙂 A DIFFERENT kind of action. Rather than writing another to-do list, try take a step back from your work and deciding what your most important goals are right now. Then, by extension, you want to look at which projects are clearly supportive of your current goals- and which are not. Then you may need to create some time and space to focus on those projects supportive of your current goals- and do whatever it takes to "table" or "hold" on the rest. The more focused you can be on completing a project without diluting your time and energy, the faster you will reach your goals. Continually focus on what’s most important- now- and take action appropriately. This will help insure that the most important "to-do’s" are actually getting done.