Cerina Griffin

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Cerina is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has an office in Newport Beach, California. Cerina provides counseling services to women who want to improve their self esteem, create better relationships, and overcome any personal limitations they have to building the life they want.

Cerina and I worked together for six months, primarily in a done-for-you service context. She was seeking to improve her website’s search engine ranking and wanted to use local search-engine-optimization to do this.

We were successful at ranking her site very high for her target key-phrases.

What Cerina says about our work together

It has been remarkable to work with Rachna for the past few months and see the online results with my SEO efforts.  Rachna is such a pleasant and down-to-earth person to work with; she has a clear and direct approach to getting your local online rankings to #1 and does so very quickly and with ease!  I have never referred so many business owners to one person in my life.  Rachna is a hidden SEO gem – if you need your revenue to increase from a stronger online presence she’s the one and only person to call.

Cerina Griffin

Psychotherapist, CerinaGriffin.com

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