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My friend and colleague, Jennifer Lee, has just published her second book: Building Your Business the Right Brain Way, and I’m happy to tell you about this book, as it is a worthwhile and useful addition to your business library, especially if you are a creative entrepreneur.

building-your-business-the-right-brain-wayYou know, one of those people who’d love to have a business around your art, but you find the art side easier than the business side. In this second book, Jenn has put together a series of exercises and tools – gathered together as playsheets- that you can use to develop your business ideas, make a plan for your income, and grow your business in a way that is fun and feels good.

Luckily, I was able to get Jenn to grace us with a 30 minute audio interview about her new book. We discussed quite a few things, including the best ways to build your brand so you can continue to engage, attract, and keep customers, your business ecosystem- what it is and how to keep it healthy, writing a love letter, not a sales letter, creating income streams, creating business processes and procedures, and why it’s so important to pause, reflect, and celebrate your successes along the way.

(Yes, indeed, we did get all that into this audio.)

Listen to the audio: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

I’m so happy to be able to bring Jennifer and her wonderful book to you; I hope you enjoy our audio interview and that you’ll pick up a copy of her book.

If you purchase from her site, Jenn has also offered to sign your copy! Plus, just for visiting the page, you can download a bunch of goodies- a guided visualization mp3, copies of the playsheets, and much more.

Check it out:

Building Your Business the Right Brain Way