Want to know the #1 easiest way to grow your business?

Learn How to Have a Steady Flow of Customers…

Knocking at Your Door

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to grow your business?

Are you making the most of your good reputation?

Are you worried about where you'll find new customers in the future?

Whether you're just starting out or your company is already going full speed ahead, the easiest (and cheapest) way to get more customers is….

"Word of Mouth"

 That means getting other people to recommend you, your product, and your service to potential customers.

These are what we call “Referrals”. And the strategy for getting them is called Referral-Based Marketing.

Of course, having a great product and customer service is the first step to getting the positive recommendations you deserve.

The next step is actually building a system for getting referrals to new customers on a steady basis:

  • Referrals from customers, and
  • Referrals from colleagues and influencers

After all, research shows that up to 45% of most service businesses are chosen by customers based on the recommendations of others.

And most people ask their friends first for product and service recommendations.

Why ask your customers for referrals?

...because they are your BEST salespeople

Why ask colleagues and 'influencers' for referrals?

...because they can be a source of new customers forever!

You need to be asking for referrals from both types of people, BUT...

There's a lot more to getting people to give you referrals than just asking.

They won't magically happen just because you're providing a great product or stellar customer service.

And just asking "do you know someone?" can do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t even make it that far. Why?

They're afraid to ask.

 That’s why I’ve created this new course. It will give you a clear, step-by-step approach to getting referrals and building what I like to call…

Build Your Business
Through Referrals

I'm going to teach you the exact system that the most successful businesses use to get referrals from both customers and others.

Want more specifics? Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s covered in the course:

  • Introduction: What Are Referrals? Why Are They Important? An overview to the 7 steps of Referral Marketing Success
  • Module 1: Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Module 2: Identifying Potential Referral Sources
  • Module 3: Developing Your Unique Valuable Offer
  • Module 4: Crafting Your Recommendation Request
  • Module 5: Create Your Recommendation Message
  • Module 6: Turn Referrals into Clients Strategy
  • Module 7: Stay in Touch with Referral Sources Strategy
  • Module 8: When to Ask for Referrals
  • Module 9: Summary and Next Steps

You’ll be getting a full Course Book covering all the details of the referrals process, a Workbook for completing activities, sample referral letter templates, tips for getting referrals, and a LOT more.

Referral marketing involves a lot more than general business networking or adding on an affiliate system to your website.

But, building your business through referrals is the best investment of time you can consider when mapping out your marketing strategy.

Prospects who are recommended to you typically have higher conversions, higher value, and longer lifetime loyalty than any other.

Wouldn't you like to have THOSE
types of customers in your business?

Sign up now for the Build Your Business Through Referrals course and start building your business the fastest way you can...through referrals.

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