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When I speak to my clients who are profitably popular, one of the themes that comes up frequently in our conversations is that of bringing all of yourself to your business and online presence. It seems funny, doesn’t it, that we are born just right, lose this somewhere, and spend so many years of our lives- and perhaps thousands of dollars in therapy- trying to get back to feeling just right?

One of the hallmarks of creating a strong online presence is bringing all of yourself. This means you bring the fullness of who you are to your online interactions- your good parts, not quite right parts, and all the parts in between.

It means that focus on being genuine and authentic, as completely as you can. It doesn’t meant that you have to “let it all hang out” (to use an old phrase)- but it does mean that people respond better- they feel more trusting of you- when you come across as a real and likeable person.

Trust is one of the currencies of online reputation building and your online presence.

You will build trust more quickly when you allow your potential clients to relate to you in all kinds of ways. You can build intimacy more quickly when you use multiple content mediums. Together, trust plus intimacy have the power to move people to engage with you, and, ultimately, to hire you.

This concept of “bringing all of yourself” may mean that you share both business and personal information in social media. It may mean that you let your potential clients see you try- and fail. It may mean that you share specifics of your own challenges and struggles- for all of these choices is really a way of saying “Yes” to yourself- and giving your clients permission to say “Yes” to themselves, too.

Bringing all of myself is a concept I’m still in process with. I’ve been practicing for years the process of becoming more transparent, allowing myself to be more known. In fact, this site- and blog- is a culmination of more than eight years of work. That’s not literal (I actually got this site up in just about 3 days)- but it’s figurative, as it represents a pathway I’ve been walking for many years, and I’m just ready to present it in a coherent and understandable way.

I have struggled along the way with questions like, “Does the internet really need another traffic generation program?” “Will anyone actually want this program?” “Am I credible representative for this program?”- and so on. Doubts, I’m sure, at least some of you have had as well.

But the answer I have come to, for myself, is that I’ve been building this program for years. I’ve always returned to it, no matter how many detours I’ve taken along the way. So I know there is meaning and presence here for me.

And I am, now, ready to bring this forward and give it a chance to run free.

Do I know that it will be successful? No.

Do I hope it will be? Of course.

Is it going to be a good fit for everyone? No.

But my hope is that by bringing all of who I am- the psychologist/researcher/scientist/marketer/socialite/fun-loving aspects together- all at once- I can help my clients achieve great results and have fun doing it.

So that’s my example of bringing all of myself to my business.

What’s yours?