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Your marketing, like your business, sometimes needs a bit of upgrading, updating, or freshening. Another way to keep your marketing fresh is to borrow from other industries. Spend one day, every few months, learning how businesses in other industries focus their marketing efforts. Write down techniques which seem intriguing to you. Make notes as to how you might incorporate these into your own marketing process. For example: realtors make use of a common database to list properties which are for sale. This database serves an informational function, and also works to prequalify interested prospects. It may, also, defer any of those who can’t afford the pricing or can’t meet the criteria. In your business, how could you adapt this concept? As a consultant, for example, you could put together a database of key questions or concepts that your clients often ask. Invite other consultants to contribute. This database then becomes an informational tool for your clients, as well as another marketing avenue. I’m sure you can think of other ways to use this concept. The important point is that you can learn from other industries to improve the results in your own business.