Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book
within Six Months (or Less!)

I Can Help You Achieve That.

More than 83% of people want to write a book. Yet for most of those people, it will always remain a dream.

Most entrepreneurs make book writing way more complicated than it needs to be. The most successful business authors define their book project, set a deadline, and work on it consistently until it’s done.

As the author of six self published books and numerous training programs; I know, first-hand, what it takes to create content and get it published. Aside from my own books and programs, I’ve also coached more than 1000 writers to complete their projects through a framework of reasonable goal setting and steady achievement.

There are many accomplished professionals who want to write a book and publish it. This is what I help them do.

From the process of developing your book thesis and outline, all the way through setting good writing habits, and achieving your writing goals, into the process of book design, cover and layout (done for you), and how to get your book listed with the major booksellers; I’ll help guide you through the maze of self-publishing to get a finished book in your hands within six months.

And it could happen even sooner; I’ve written two of my books within 30 days and published them within two months. So if you are a manuscript partially written, or you can re-shape your life to write your book in 30 days, you can have a published book to your name within just a few months.

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