Stop the Feast or Famine Cycle in Your Business

Your Profitability Blueprint solves your cash flow issues- forever.

Dear Friend,

If your business runs on a cycle of “feast or famine”, this will be the most important letter you ever read.

You will want to read this even if you’re currently in a “feast” cycle- with more work than you can handle; because it won’t be long, most likely, until you’re in a “famine” cycle again.

Why is that? Too many entrepreneurs- and maybe you’re one of them?- have bought into the idea that business goes in cycles.

That there are good months, and bad months, and your job, as an entrepreneur is to just keep working hard.

To put in long hours.

To hope and wish and pray.

While I won’t argue that there are cycles in business, the truth is that most businesses go through “feast and famine” for much longer- and more painfully than they need to.

When your business is built on an unstable foundation, it takes more effort and more work to reach and maintain sustainable profitability.

Why would you spend your time and precious life energy building up something that, like a sandcastle, gets knocked down by a wave each month and you have to start over again?

If you’re stuck in the cycle of constantly launching- or you’re stuck in the cycle of just not making enough money, you’re doing this the hard way.

Are you doing this the hard way?

Financial instability and uncertainty is the most stressful aspect of running your own business.

You feel uncertain.

You doubt yourself.

You make short-sighted decisions out of fear.

You feel like a failure.

Too many weeks of financial insecurity can crush your dreams and your soul.

You long for a business that lets you use your gifts, and lets you work with people who appreciate you.

Who enjoy working with you and pay you well, without complaints, because of the value you provide.

No matter how distant that possibility seems to you right now, it is possible.

There is an easier way

How do I know? rachnapic

Because I’ve been exactly where you are.

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain. I’m a psychologist by training- and I consider myself an accidental entrepreneur.

I’ve owned my business for about 15 years now, and the first five of them were very stressful.

Here’s why:

  • I was perpetually under-earning
  • I spent too much money to keep my business running
  •  I had big dreams but didn’t know how to reach them from where I was
  • I worked very long hours
  • My work-life balance was non-existent
  • I felt frustrated and thwarted in my dreams of having my own business
  • And I lived with constant, nagging financial stress.

Day after day. Year after year.

In reading that, you might be wondering… So if it were really that bad, why didn’t you just go out and get a job?

Well, lots of reasons, actually…

  • I wanted to work for myself.
  • I wanted to have the freedom to grow my business however I wanted.
  • I wanted the earning potential I knew my business could provide.

And, perhaps most importantly… Because I had too many clients to close down my business, but not enough money to thrive from my business.

Sound familiar?

But that was then.


I have a business that is fun to own.

I work with clients I like- and I have just the right number of clients.

I earn much more from each client, I better manage my expenses- and my work/life balance is really, really good.

(In fact, I’ve been using my spare time to become skilled in metalsmithing and digital photography- my two most current passions.)

Here are a couple pictures of my recent pieces:


All this while I’m making more money year after year, and doing this with much less work.

You Can Have This Too


Your ideal clients seek you out and can’t wait to work with you.

You earn more for less work.

Your reputation grows and spreads and people have only good things to say about you.

You work when you want to, as much as you want to.

You have time to have a life.

You feel good about your contributions and the way you’re showing up in the world.

This is possible.

Let Me Help

The secret to building a profitable business like this rests on a system I have developed, which I call The Profitability Blueprint.

Your Profitability Blueprint is your customized pathway to building your business more easily and more sustainably.

The Profitability Blueprint is composed of three main components:

1An in-depth psychological assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. This will give us the foundation for where we can build on your strengths and how we can improve the areas where you are weaker. 

2An in-depth two hour phone meeting to go over the current state of your business, including what you sell, how much you sell, your pricepoints, and your dream and vision for your business.

3A series of 1:1 phone meetings over the next 8 months to help you build systems for attracting and retaining clients. These phone meeting will start where you are, and will help you build evergreen marketing and sales systems so you can easily and automatically attract new clients and generate recurring revenue

What Kind of Results Could You Get?

“In one year working with Rachna, we experienced a 30% growth in annual sales of our half-million dollar company. With our second (newer company) annual sales doubled. Profit increased significantly (more than 100%) for both companies. We created a better marketing funnel which eased the ‘perpetual-need-to-launch’ pressure. Rachna helped improve our client engagement and our list not only grew but so did our credibility and connection with our community. I can’t wait to see what we achieve as we work together this next year!”

Casey Truffo


 “Rachna’s efforts have helped us focus our limited marketing budget and efforts on the highest-impact activities — so we’re getting far better results in less time. Since we began working together, our course and consulting revenue has increased 295%, traffic to key pages has increased 50%, free trial subscriptions have increased 300%, SaaS revenue has increased 400%, and our mailing list has grown 210%. We’re excited to launch a redesigned marketing site that incorporates everything Rachna has helped us learn about our customers, so we can help more people launch their own online courses!”

Abe Crystal


“Meeting with Rachna to go over our profitability strategy was a wonderful experience. In eight hours, Rachna helped us analyze our current income streams, guided us to see what changes were needed, and led the redesign of our curriculum and approach for next year. Rachna’s perspective was invaluable in highlighting where our income streams could be performing better, with less effort. I particularly appreciated her systemic approach that focused not just on profitability and strategy, but, also kept in mind our allocation of team and resources at the same time. Her suggestions were not only brilliant, they are also very doable. At the end of this meeting, we have a clear plan to move forward on increasing our enrollments and revenue in a way that will create less stress on our staff and organization. We see that as a win/win/win. Rachna’s understanding of psychology, business, and profitability make her a powerful contributor to our team. If you want to build a more strategically profitable business, work with Rachna.”

Lincoln Wachtel


Here’s Your Next Step

If you’d like to stop the “feast or famine” cycle in your business, I’d love to explore how I could help you do that. Please apply for a consultation so we can chat about your business and determine how I can help you grow it.

Profitability Blueprint Consultation

That’s all you need to do next. I can’t wait to speak with you!