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Many online marketers often wonder about the benefits of print advertising, but the fact is that it still works – and often works better than other types of advertising. In fact, using print advertising can increase credibility, spread brand awareness, and increase the perceived value of your product.

* Increased Credibility – When you put your ad into a popular publication, you automatically receive good thoughts from the readers of that publication. They believe that the publication is worthy of them spending money on it, so in their opinion the ads within are also legitimate and positive.

* Higher Recall Percentage – Readers online and TV watchers are notoriously multitasking and not paying attention. In fact, they’re often blind to ads that are flashing around what they want to look at. But print publication readers aren’t. They often look at the ads on purpose, which means they are more likely to remember them.

* Easier to Understand – A print advertisement is easier to understand, especially if you’ve done a good job choosing which publication to put your advertisement in. Relevance matters tremendously, but it’s easy to know which publications are relevant because they are the ones that your audience reads.

* Print Readers Are More Focused – It’s already been mentioned that print readers have higher recall, probably since they’re not typically multitasking. Print readers tend to enjoy taking their time to focus on what they’re reading. Often, they’re enjoying their morning paper with a cup of coffee and reading each issue from front to back.

* Many Options – There are many print options to choose from and it can be less expensive than you think. If you choose well, your return on investment will be more than enough to compensate for the cost. You can easily go to your local bookstore and look at all the different magazines, newspapers, and even local publications that you can place ads in.

* Expands Product Awareness – The more your audience sees your ads (online and offline), the more they will become aware of your product and your brand. This means that the more they see it, the more the idea that they can trust you becomes something that is just accepted.

* Increased Perceived Value – There is a perception, true or not, that brands that advertise in print are better quality products. When you work on making your brand a household name, eventually just the thought of your brand will stimulate the idea of value in the minds of your audience.

* Print Ads Increase Conversions – People who purchase print publications typically have a higher standard of living, which means they have more disposable income. If you can bring your brand in front of their eyes, you’re going to increase conversions exponentially.

Print ads are not out of reach for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have physical products or digital products. Running ads in relevant publications that your audience purchases will increase revenue, reputation, and value.

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