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Part of being a successful self promoter is deeply believing in your own value, for when you believe in your own value, it’s easier to share who you are. When you share who you are, and what you do, people can’t help but be attracted to that level of honesty and clarity. How to get clearer on your own value? Notice what you appreciate about yourself- make a list of your top 75 best qualities. Ask family, friends, close associates to help you add to the list. Keep track of the words and phrases that are repeated in your client testimonials. Ask your clients why they like working with you. Try to grow yourself large enough to accomodate all this praise and positive feedback- don’t turn away or avoid it. When you believe, deeply, in the value you provide- others can’t help but noticing this too. Do whatever it takes to get super clear on this for yourself- it could very well be one of the most important decisions you ever make for your business success.