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One of my biggest pet peeves is people who aren’t pleasing to listen to. Now, this doesn’t mean that I only listen to people who have great voices (though that is my preference!). Marketing is about communicating your message and if you aren’t pleasing to listen to, few people will listen. And if fewer people are listening, fewer people are buying. Here’s my personal list of top voice no-no’s: 1) Clearing your throat every few seconds. 2) Nasal, high pitched, and/or whiny voices. 3) Monotones 4) Over-enunciation 5) Lots of "uhhmms.." "aahs.." and other unnecessary words 6) Using fancy words when simple ones will do. If you are guilty of any of these no-no’s, consider taking steps to improve your vocal presence. Take voice training or get involved in public speaking. When your voice is pleasant, your message will be more positively received.