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As August comes to a close, kids are returning to school and some of you with home businesses may find yourself with a little more time to get organized and focus on your goals. 🙂

For now, here’s our weekly roundup:

1. It’s time to get off the beaten path and create your own trail. 🙂


2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Acknowledge the little victories you achieve every day, and use that positive energy to push you forward.


3. Stay in touch with your clients. Keeping them in the loop via social media will help you build a network of loyal brand advocates.

4. Pinterest is all about great images, while other platforms need clever lines and informative captions. It can take a while to figure out which channels are best for your content, so watch your audience’s responses closely.


5. I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced this at some point. 🙂


6. Remember, people can sense your energy and passion, even through your posts and status updates.


7. It can be difficult to keep your message cohesive across multiple channels, but this popular TV show is doing it right.

8. Once you’ve established yourself as an authority in your niche, your readers will depend on you for consistent, quality information.


9. Great content starts conversations.

That’s our roundup for this week. Check back soon for more updates, and have a productive day.