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Digital marketing is dynamic – a simple Google update can change the entire strategy. With that, here’s a roundup of the latest news:

1. Don’t waste your customers’ time by making them guess. Be transparent and honest when explaining your services.

2. Nowadays, content marketing is more than just the number of posts you publish. It’s high quality that will take you to the top and give you the results you are expecting.

3. You never want to get left behind, so keep amping up your marketing.


4. The more time visitors spend on your website, the better chances of conversion from reader to client.

5. A lot of times, we’ll see tools that we don’t need but we’ll buy them “just in case” or for a future project we have in mind. But most of it ends up collecting digital dust. Instead, go for things that you can immediately use.

6. Competitors are everywhere – if you wait around to see the next move in the market (instead of making it yourself), you’ll be left out and won’t be able to rise above the noise.


7. Take note of how big brands create a buzz around their products with limited-time offers. They increase demand for their product and social buzz about their brand overall.

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