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How was your week? It seems like there are never enough hours in the day, but I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the sunshine.  Here’s a roundup of my most popular Facebook posts this week:

1. Emily loved the idea of recycling content for websites.


2. Regarding Ikea’s excellent strategy, Meredith commented: “I totally know this…. and they are trying to get you to not only not leave but to eat the meatballs.”


3. Even this legendary glam-rock band has something to teach us about social media marketing. 🙂

4. It won’t take too much of your time, and it can be an incredibly effective form of marketing if you do it right.


5. Mobile online shopping is becoming more popular by the minute. Don’t get left behind

6. Something to keep in mind when you’re struggling for words to express your ideas.


7. Confidence will give you a competitive edge. Clients can sense this, too.


That’s all for this roundup. Have a productive week, and check back soon for more updates.