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The idea for this article came to me after a few coaching sessions last week, in which I was helping my clients clarify their goals for their business and create a plan to generate income quickly.

selling-onlineAs often happens in conversations like this, there is a great deal of discussion about the “right” method, the “right” approach, the “right” wording- and so on.

There is so much information overload in the realm of internet marketing that it’s no wonder people are feeling overwhelmed in trying to navigate through the maze of website layout, website themes, website analytics, website copy, website offer- and so on.

(It can kind of make you tired just reading the list, can’t it?)

But what I have noticed, over and over, is that people construct very elaborate sales processes right out of the gate- including all kinds of bells and whistles, the majority of which are not necessary.

It almost seems as if there is a sense of impatience- something around, “All this technology is available to me- I MUST use it.”

That is fine and well and good- if you like technology and are willing to put the time in to learn it.

But if you’re feeling rushed or frazzled by how much you have to do, and how little time you have to do it in, focusing on complex technology is likely not the best place to be spending your time and energy.

The hidden element to these conversations, too, is that sometimes, clients make processes more complex as a way of hiding their own fears or insecurities.

It’s almost like they make the front-end process so complex as a way of trying to make themselves feel “good enough” about what they’re offering.

The truth is, though, that selling online can be very simple.

You need just three things.

#1) You need something to sell.

#2) A place to sell it from.

#3) And a way to get people to the page.

So, just these three simple elements are where we all start.

You must be clear on your offer. You must be clear on your product or service. And you must know how you will put that offer in front of your target market.

If you start there, the overly complex world of selling online can become remarkably simple.