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Sometimes we want our business to be different, but haven’t quite figured out (yet) how to make it work better for us. Maybe we don’t quite have the number of clients we want, or we don’t yet have the income we want, or we somehow feel we should be further along than we are (I’m guilty of that one!). Anyway, when we feel less secure or uncertain, it’s expectable that we’d feel a bit of defensiveness around our business, especially when well meaning people ask, "So, how’s business?" or "So, how’s it going?" If you feel defensive or uncomfortable about some aspect of your business, your best reaction is to take an action to change whatever you’re uncomfortable about. At the same time, keep focused on the bigger picture of what’s going right- what’s going well- with your business (and there is always something, if you take the time to look!) By shifting your gaze to what makes you happy about your business, balanced with a sound plan of action to change what’s not quite right yet, you’ll be a happier, more confident entrepreneur- and who couldn’t benefit from that?