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Were you pranked this April Fool’s Day? Lots of companies took advantage of the holiday to come up with some very creative marketing ideas – like Netflix’s streaming rotisserie. 🙂 For now, here’s another round-up of last week’s most popular posts from my Facebook page:


1. I always stress the importance of creating high-quality content, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that quantity should be compromised.

2. Stress not only disrupts your work but also your health. How do you fight it?


3. Sometimes your creativity needs a little jump start. 🙂


4. If you’ve had more than a thousand tweets since you registered, this might make you nostalgic.

5. Trust me, twenty-four hours in a day is enough.


6. If not now, when?


7. Local  businesses have a lot to gain by stepping up their social media game.




It’s wonderful to finally see warmer weather — hope you’re enjoying it. See you!