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If you have a group on Facebook or any platform, a great way to increase group engagement is to add a weekly webinar to your activities as an added value for your audience. This is something that really gets the notice of the members and can help them learn to trust you more, engage with you more, and answer your calls to action faster.

You can have a weekly webinar in a couple different ways.

Native Technology

If you’re on Facebook, you can just do the webinar right there using the technology that Facebook offers to “go live”. There are a lot of other types of software you can use to make it more interactive, but Facebook is improving their technology all the time in this regard. So, try what they have so that you can just go with what you have right now and get your members excited.

Use Outside Tech

You can also use technology such as to host your webinar. Then you can either stream it to Facebook if you have the right level of Zoom, or just invite them with a link to your live event within Facebook or another type of group platform that you’re using. You can even have them register on that other platform, moving them to your email list if you want to.

However you decide to use webinar technology, there are some tried-and-true techniques that will make your weekly webinars more engaging and something your audience wants to see.

Announce Your Intentions

Before you start having live events in your group, you will want to let them know your plans, the days you plan to do it and the times. Some people like to do it weekly at the same time and day. Others choose to vary the date; for example, they might do it on the 1st and 15th of the month at 2 PM on the 1st and 9 PM on the 15th. The reason they do this is to give everyone a chance to attend.

Be Consistent

You may not have much participation at first. But if you’re consistent and keep doing it, you will probably end up having people come to rely on the webinars and mark it in their calendar to attend the live events each week. If you stick to it, the audience will grow. But if you’re not reliable, the audience will not be reliable either.

Record Your Webinars

You don’t necessarily have to post the recordings. But when you do record them, if something amazing happens you can use that in a membership site, or in other ways as a bonus with other products. Or you can post them to the members who could not come to the event live. This is another way to add content to your group and to increase engagement.

Get Audience Input

One thing that is awesome about webinars that are live is that you can get audience participation. This makes engagement even easier and if you are open to audience questions, they’re more than likely going to stay awake and participate.

Even if you don’t want to do live webinars, you can still do recorded webinars. Create ten-minute recordings of “how to do something” and post them at a regular time and place each day or week. Your audience will come to count on these lessons and will miss them if you don’t post them when you said you would.

Live webinars are an extra powerful way to increase group engagement in a way that other methods don’t.

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