The Biggest Secret to Growing Your Business in the Next 90 Days

(You Need to Get s*It Done!)


Dear Entrepreneur,

I’m sure you’re familiar with goal setting and all those recommendations about setting SMART goals. While that is absolutely necessary; that’s not all it takes to grow your business.

Goals without action are just plans.

You can plan perfectly. But if you don’t execute and implement, nothing will change.

Are you tired of living the same old, same old? Of having really big dreams and planning perfect goals- but of never quite getting as far along as you thought you would?

If so, then you’ll want to keep reading.The secret to high achievement lies in the equation of goals + action = results.

Goals + Action = Results


Yet too many bright and savvy entrepreneurs are excellent goal setters- they just need some motivation and accountability to get s*it done.

That’s where I can help.

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachna Jain. I’m a licensed psychologist, and have been an entrepreneur for 18 years. In that time, I’ve built three successful online businesses, based on a system of clear goal setting and getting things done. My personal profile is highly visionary paired with highly operational, which means I am very skilled at taking ideas and turning them into reality.

This is one of the key skills my clients hire me for; this capacity to take an idea and put a foundation under it so it actually can come to life.

(If you wanted to read more about what my clients think about me, you can do that here)

What I have realized through all my years of experience is that most entrepreneurs are AMAZING at ideas. They have ideas all day long. They wake up with ideas. They fall asleep with ideas.

Here is What's Missing


Yet, for all the ideas, sometimes what’s missing is the support and accountability to get the work done.

That’s where my Get s*IT Done group can help. This program takes place over three months, and is for entrepreneurs who want to achieve more in 12 weeks than they do in six months. It is not a program for anyone who doesn’t want to work. It is not for anyone who would rather sit and think than do.

But if you are an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to achieve more, in the company of other equally focused and committed professionals- this group is for you.

The way the group works is this:

Each week, you’ll commit to a set of up to three actions you’ll take that will move your business forward. These will, generally, be ideas that relate to processes/systems of your business (that is, working ON your business) rather than actions related to maintaining your business as it is.

So, for instance, writing a new signature talk, or drafting your book outline- these would be examples of tasks that would relate to working on your business. Working with clients would not.

Each week, on Monday, you’ll be asked to post your (up to three) actions for the week, and then, on Friday (or whenever your work-week ends), you’ll be expected to check in with your progress on those tasks.

Each day, you’ll be able to access a private Facebook group with any questions, requests for help, or for needs of support. I’ll be monitoring this group regularly and will reply with ideas, suggestions, and motivation very quickly.

Clear Out Your Obstacles to Success

In addition, we’ll meet once a week by phone as a group, so that you can get any glitches or blocks worked out that week and continue to improve your productivity week after week, because you’ll be clearing out obstacles and blocks that are holding you back.

I know that amazing progress can be made with consistent, sustained focus. And I also know that progress amplifies itself.

As a psychologist, I bring a wealth of knowledge and information to the process of helping you overcome your blocks to greater productivity and success. I’ve seen people undergo amazing transformations in just 30 days of focus, accountability, and support.

The program begins January 9, 2017. Your investment for the program is $99 per month, which includes the weekly goal setting and accountability, plus weekly mastermind meetings, and a fun, and supportive group to hold you accountable for the success we know you can create.

While you can participate for as little as one month, you’ll get the best results if you take part for at least three months (you have to give yourself a chance to adopt these new habits, and to give them a chance to stick.)

You must participate for at least 30 days at a time, and there are no refunds for unused or partial months.

You won’t achieve if you don’t commit.  Let’s do this! Reserve your spot by registering below.



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