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Many of my clients are becoming increasingly interested in creating videos for their businesses. They are excited by the possibilities to connect with their audience, and build rapport more quickly. Plus, of course, they would like to build their expert status, and make new connections. Since creating videos can take a bit more effort than other kinds of marketing, we’ve also been talking about how they might use- and re-use their video content once it’s created.

I wrote an email to one of my clients with a list of 8 ways to reuse your videos, I thought you might find it handy too:

1) Create Transcripts – When each video is finalized, always get transcripts made right away. This means that you can use them in the creation of new products when you choose to reuse your videos.

2) Make Short Tips from Them – Cut the videos down to small bite-sized pieces that you can use as minute tips or 30-second tips to put on your website at the start of a full-fledged blog post. This is a good option if your videos tend to be longer than 5 minutes.

3) Create New Information Products – Use a combination of videos, transcripts and other information to make an entirely new information product. You can bundle it all together and sell it as a new product from your website. An example might be if you were going to put together a short training course- you could use your video, the video transcript, and then some supplementary/additional material to make a new product.

4) Refresh or Re-Edit Them– If you have a lot of older videos where some of the information is no longer useful, you can extract the information that is still relevant, then combine it together into a new video using video editing software. This may be a great task for your assistant to do for you.

5) Add to a Membership Site or use as a Bonus – Anything you make can be added as a resource, product or benefit to a membership site that you set up. You can easily use videos as bonuses or giveaways as well.

6) Turn a Short Video Into a Longer One– Starting with the transcription, you can expand on points from the video. Just add in explanations for each discussion in the video. You can even do this within the actual video by transitioning to you talking to the camera or inserting an explainer video at the point that needs more information. This would be a great way to turn a shorter video into a longer, more in-depth one.

7) Turn Them into a Book – Using transcription as a start, you can make a print or eBook from the information. Add in images, extra information, and more explanations to make it a full book that you can publish either as an eBook or print book.

8) Make Them a Blog Post – One of the simplest ways to reuse a video is to transcribe it, then make it more understandable by rewriting the transcription into a blog post. Blog posts are a natural when it comes to repurposing a video.

While there may be no such thing as a new idea, you can get a lot more value from all your content if you think about using it in different ways over again!