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If email marketing is a key aspect of your business promotional strategy, it’s a good idea to periodically freshen and update your email marketing campaigns in order to maximize their effectiveness. Email marketing is one of the 7 best ways to attract clients from the internet and, done well, can create very high return on investment for your business.

One strategy I have used quite successfully in my own business and with many of my clients’ businesses is that of an evergreen email newsletter, one that is set up once and run continuously, year after year after year. This is an excellent and effective strategy- but, like everything, does need a bit of maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

If you have a series of email marketing campaigns that you’ve been running for a while, the following 8 tips will help you improve them. It’s good to review your email campaigns at least once per year and take these steps:

improve-email-marketing1) Update Technology

Are you still using the same technology that you were using five years ago, or even two years ago? If so, you might want to take a new look at what’s out there that’s new and improved to figure out if you want to make a change. There is so much technology available now to make your email marketing campaigns successful that you don’t want to miss out by not staying informed about new offerings. This is true whether you switch technology or not; your own email marketing technology might offer new functionality that you don’t even know exists until you check it out for yourself. In my case, I’ve been using the same email marketing provider for 13 years- and until I started reviewing all their new advances and enhancements, I had no idea of how much they had evolved since I started using them.

2) Create New Designs

Every year you want to update your artwork to reflect the changing times as well as reflect your brand in such a way that your current customers as well as future customers take notice. You want to remain fresh, memorable and modern. Update your newsletter graphics, and maybe make a change in the look and feel of each newsletter that you send out. Creating new designs for your logo, or other art work and marketing collateral will breathe new life into your email marketing campaigns.

3) Improve Your Calls to Action (CTA’s)

What worked a year ago might be old news today. As technology improves and people become more educated, you may need to try new ways to get your market to act upon your calls to action. Plus, it’s likely you have learned more too about what type of CTAs work best for your market. Revisit the CTAs you have in place now, and try to improve upon them so that you’ll get even more results.

4) Optimize for Mobile

It’s past time to optimize your email marketing for mobile. Most emails are now read with mobile devices. If your email marketing isn’t responsively designed, you’re likely missing out on most of your market. Your email marketing technology probably has easy templates and designs that are responsive but what about the items you ask your audience to click through to see? Are they responsive? If not, they need to be. I’m getting all my long-standing email campaigns optimized for mobile just now, and, already, readers have emailed to thank me for the visual improvements.

5) Renew Your Drip Campaigns

Even if you’re promoting the same products and services today that you were promoting last year, it’s important to update your drip campaigns anyway. As you learn more about what your audience needs and their pain points, you can easily improve upon your drip campaigns in both design and words. A little refreshing and improving will go a long way to getting more customers.

6) Update Segmentation Strategy

Most people start out with segmenting their email marketing between buyers and non-buyers but you can go so much further with that. You can segment by product interest, device interaction and more. You will get a lot better return on investment the more you can segment your audience because it will enable you to deliver the best message to each audience.

7) Integrate Social Media

You probably already use social media in your marketing campaigns. But, do you have your email marketing integrated with social media in a way that allows your subscribers to help you get more subscribers, as well as help your subscribers join you on social media? You should be cross-promoting your email list with your social media to get the most results. If your audience is reading your emails and interacting with you on social media, you’ve got the best of all worlds and the most chance of conversions.

8) Study Your Metrics

If you don’t measure it, it didn’t happen. You should probably study the metrics of your email marketing before and after each marketing campaign and then look at some things more thoroughly each year to find out what is working and what is not working. Which subscribers are engaged and which are not engaged? Do you know?

Using these strategies will take your email campaigns from same-old to sizzling!