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As online marketers, our main method of communication is content. If you think about it, everything we post online: blog posts, social media status updates, videos, audios, slideshows, presentations- everything is content. Most of the time, our content is focused on teaching or educating. We offer ideas of how to blog better, or how to grow flowers, or how to make the best pizza dough, or how to balance work and motherhood. In general, we connect by sharing information, and all that information is content.

make-your-content-memorableSometimes it can be difficult to find a new angle or approach to topics which feel like they’ve been covered over and over again. I find this, a lot, when I think about writing what I would consider to be very basic posts on various topics. Most of the time, I feel like that topic has already been done, and maybe there is nothing more to say.

However, sometimes, the topic has been done, and you still need to find a way to present it so its fresh and compelling. You don’t, for instance, always want to be sending your blog readers off to a different place to read something, at least more of the time, it’s better to give the information directly.

So how can we put new spin on existing information, or information that has been shared before?

Here are 7 ways:

1) Tell stories. This is one of the most effective ways to put a personal and original spin on your content. Not only do stories help your message to be remembered (as stories are processed more deeply by the brain than straight facts, and they also tend to get more focused attention), but, also, stories help your audience know you better as a person. It’s your story which makes your content more memorable.

2) Use humor. If you’re funny, that is. If you’re not, then maybe you could tell a story (see tip #1) instead. The idea with humor is that it makes your audience feel something. If they feel something, they are engaged with your content in a different way, one that is deeper and perhaps richer. People will always remember what you made them feel.

3) Share opinions. This is a way to attract greater attention and to stand out from others who are talking about the same thing. If you have an expert opinion, share it. People are looking for people to trust and to follow, and they will appreciate you helping them navigate the way in topics they might be confused about. I see this often when I help people with their search engine optimization (SEO.)

4) Authenticity. People want to believe in you and trust in you. For the most part, they can get the information many other places- what they are looking for is a sense of connection, resonance, or something about you they can connect and hold onto. The more authentic your voice, stories, humor and opinions- the more well remembered your message.

5) Images. Using images or visuals in your content helps it stand out and be better remembered. Be sure the image is relevant, and somehow adds to the content. The perfect image can often encapsulate the content- no words needed. Not every content piece will have that ideal kind of image, but when you find them, they are memorable.

6) Inspiration. People love to be inspired. Can you find a new angle or perspective on your topic and include a strong dose of inspiration or motivation? Maybe you can share 5 weight loss secrets, but also add an inspirational message or quote, or tell an inspiring story, one that uplifts and interests your audience. Positive content gets shared more online.

7) Consistency. In this vast web of information, the experts who have the strongest presence are those who create and share content consistently, and in many formats. It takes discipline to do this, and the rewards are well worth it. Each piece of content you create has the power to work for you ongoing, bringing new people into your communities and helping build your expert status. I often feel that if entrepreneurs really understood the power of content to act as your good-will ambassador, full-time sales person, and client relationship builder, they would spend less time complaining about “having to blog” or “having to write their newsletter”.

Using any of these, or more than one, in each piece of content you create and share will take your information from “sigh…” to SIZZLE!