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I have been busy working on the content and training for my upcoming program, How to Build Your Facebook Audience From Scratch. This program will help you build a bigger Facebook audience in just 6 weeks, no matter where you are starting from now.

As part of that class, I was gathering together some engagement strategies; simple ones that anyone can use to immediately boost their Facebook engagement.

A key foundation of being successful in social media is the capacity to generate attention and create conversation. That’s the difficult part. Once you’ve gotten some attention, you can use your basic real life conversational skills to keep the dialogue going.

The current political climate and upcoming election have made it a perfect time to use these engagement strategies- people are so sick of the drama and tension of politics, in conjunction with all the random violence and senseless hate, that they are, I believe, looking for inspiration, hope, and something to feel good about.

This is a good time to provide value to your target audience, and to do this consistently.

I wanted to offer you these 7 simple strategies as a free gift.

You can download them here:

(No optin required.)

I hope you find them useful!

If you’d like to join me for my training program, you can get the details here: How to Build Your Facebook Audience from Scratch