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Last month, I was doing some reading and analysis of the 7 top digital marketing trends for 2014. I gathered my top 7 trends from reading many papers and reviewing recent research and then put them into a slideshare, which you can see here:

What I am seeing for the landscape of digital marketing in 2014 is an increased emphasis on content creation and shareability. SEO and social media will become more intertwined. Business to Business marketers will be adding new content channels to their marketing efforts. Metrics and segmentation will become even more important.
In a sense, overall, marketers will be focusing on making more from less– shorter marketing messages and smaller targeting segments.
These trends have important implications for how we each implement our marketing campaigns in 2014.
While the slideshow is a good first start, I decided, also, to offer a content-rich, low-cost webinar on this topic so I could provide more depth into what the recent research shows, as well as to give practical and understandable ideas on how to implement these suggestions in your own marketing.
If you’d like to learn more and join me for the webinar, you can do that here: 7 Digital Marketing Trends Webinar
The webinar will take place on January 20th, 2014. If you find this post after that date, you can still visit the link in order to access the replay.
My goal with this training is to provide an overview of the trends, an explanation of what each trend means, and then practical and easy-to-implement action steps that you can use in your marketing right away.
It promises to be a worthwhile, useful, and fun event.  I hope you’ll join me there!
Here’s the link once more:

7 Digital Marketing Trends Webinar