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Content syndication is one of the missing pieces in most small business owners’ marketing blueprints. This, I believe, is because many people don’t know what content syndication is, how to do it, or why it even matters.

Let’s start with what content syndication is. It’s the process of sharing your content across the internet, so that you are creating greater reach and influence along the web. Content syndication is a multiplicative process; where you share your content on a series of different sites, and those sites may republish to other sites, and so on. So, from one piece of content, you can get hundreds or maybe even thousands of shares. Contrast this to most business owners, who write for their blog or newsletter and then never do anything more with this content.

Content syndication can be as simple or involved as you like. On the end of simple syndication, you are syndicating content each time you add your newest blog post to your Facebook page or LinkedIn account, or when you submit your RSS feed to the RSS directories. On the end of more complex, it is possible to set up a content syndication system that funnels your content to hundreds or thousands of sites almost automatically.

The truth is, though, for most of us, we need something that’s neither too simple, nor too complex. And, whatever content syndication system we use, we want it to have results.

So when we look at the results of content syndication, there are really several main benefits. But the three main reasons your business needs content syndication are:

1)      It puts you in front of new people who might become clients. When you share your content consistently and strategically in social media, you will likely attract new potential clients.

2)      It’s a way of creating leverage in your business. You can use technology to put you in front of hundreds or thousands of people much more quickly and inexpensively than it would take you to meet with each of those people individually.

3)      It builds your expert status. When people keep seeing and hearing about you everywhere, they naturally begin to view you as an authority. This, in turn, can create more opportunities for you in your business.

So if you’re not yet utilizing content syndication as a regular part of your business, it’s time to give this serious consideration. And if you’d like some help getting started, please join me for my training: http//