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This morning, I stopped by in my local grocery store to pick up some food for lunch. I just happened to walk down a different aisle than usual, and noticed these "100 calorie" portion control packs of snack food. I had heard about these on the radio, but it was my first time actually seeing them. Anyway, now that I’m warming up to this whole blogging every day thing, it immediately sparked the idea for this column. I think the 100 calorie packs are going to be really, really popular, and here’s why: 1) They are easy- all the measuring is done for you 2) They allow you to try a product to see if you like it- if not, you can distribute the other sealed packets to other people 3) They don’t require too much planning or forethought- just grab one and go. So in the spirit of keeping your marketing fresh- how can you use this idea in your own business? Is there a way to make your product or service easier to use? A way that customers can access you with less planning or forethought? A way for them to sample what you offer without committing to the whole bag? Food for thought. (Pun intended.) 🙂